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Twilight Talk: SuSy.House App – Using Digital Twins of Homes to Tackle Retrofit

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SuSy.House App – Using Digital Twins of Homes to Tackle Retrofit

20% of our CO2 emissions come from our homes. If we’re going to address our net zero 2050 targets, we must address the emissions from the 80% of our homes that are lived in today.

The Green Register is pleased to welcome speakers from SuSy to talk about how they have developed digital twins of 18 million homes in the UK with more being added every day. They are using this data to streamline and enable domestic retrofit, working with local authorities and housing associations and domestic customers.

SuSy use this knowledge to streamline government retrofit schemes and educate and enable homeowners, connecting them with contractors, finance and other actors in the supply chain. In this talk CEO Bryan Charter and CTO Mauro Fazion Filho will take you through their user journey and interface and explain the workings behind their assessments.

The talk will describe technical details of the SuSy.House platform, in particular:

  • What is the “ Digital Twin” - DT;
  • How SuSy creates Digital Twins for any houses;
  • How retrofit projects are created, considering each specific house DT;
  • What is the householder journey through the Susy app:
    • Householder installs the app and builds the house Digital Twin - DT;
    • The app analyses the DT and recommends retrofits;
    • Householder requests an estimate/quote for a chosen retrofit;
    • Retrofit and house detailed specs are sent to the trade/installer;
    • …and services are carried on.

Bryan and Mauro will run through another application of SuSy: its ability to analyse houses as a
group of properties. The SuSy Insights platform creates general view mappings for property
identification, grouping the Digital Twin units to generate:

  • SuSy heat maps (for a region/area/town);
  • Maps and lists of similar houses with similar retrofit needs/issues;
  • House grouping for green action, connecting them to trade/installers and service
  • providers.

About the Speakers

Bryan Charter, CEO, SuSy

Bryan began his career in the housing sector, mobilising business units for contractors delivering decent home refurbishments and response and voids maintenance for local authorities and housing associations. He became the head of business development for a retail maintenance company, more than doubling turnover in 3 years before establishing his own growth consultancy working with SMEs. Bryan is passionate about practical responses to sustainability and how profit and purpose can come together to shape a more sustainable future. 

Mauro Fazion Filho, CTO, SuSy

Mauro is a co-founder at and responsible for its original concept, mathematical models and algorithms. Electrical Engineer, PhD and Postdoc in Complex Network, he was a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at University of Bristol. He had founded two tech startups before co-founding SuSy (construction of datacentres, and software automation and energy efficiency). Pioneer in the datacentre market, he was awarded for his Infrastructure Management and Energy Efficiency system.


Twilight Talks are supported by Ecomerchant.

15/04/2024 from 17:00 to 18:00
Online Training
United Kingdom
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