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Twilight Talk: Forest Positive

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Twilight Talks

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On the second Monday of each month The Green Register brings you our Twilight Talks - a relaxed and informal string of events on sustainable building matters to complement our regular training topics. 

Each one-hour event is FREE of charge and features short talks from one or more speakers.  With Q&A and discussion sessions throughout, everyone is invited to be part of the conversation. We hold Twilight talks at 5-6pm, in the sweet spot between work and dinner – so join us to nourish the mind before replenishing the body!



Forest Positive

In the evolving landscape of sustainable practices, the fashion industry is increasingly turning to forest-based cellulosic fibres (man-made cellulosic) for responsible feedstock sourcing. This webinar, guided by a new whitepaper, aims to empower construction industry professionals in their pursuit of responsible forest material sourcing, emphasizing the vital role of sustainable forest management. 

The session will delve into potential environmental and social risks associated with specific forest areas, elucidating forest-positive actions for mitigation. Attendees will gain insights into leveraging PEFC's sustainable forest management requirements, third-party certification, and supply chain traceability to achieve responsible sourcing objectives.

The talk will equip participants with the knowledge to effectively communicate with stakeholders about the responsible sourcing of forest materials, emphasizing the broader value sustainable forest management brings to the environment and communities.

Key Points Covered:

  • Building a Sustainable Future: Ensuring the long-term health and vitality of forests and our planet.
  • Beyond Risk Mitigation: Creating value for forests and communities, fostering a forest-positive future.
  • Maintaining Ecosystem Integrity: Aiming for the preservation or improvement of forest ecosystems.
  • Practical Traceability Solutions: How brands can ensure their forest materials originate from forest-positive sources
  • Examples from the fashion industry

About the Speakers

Julia Kozlik – Market Engagement Manager, PEFC International

Julia joined PEFC Int. in 2017 and has been focusing on driving the awareness of the market players about sustainable forest management and its benefits for the climate, biodiversity, and communities. For over four years Julia has lead the PEFC International Textile Program helping fashion brands and retailers to implement sustainable strategies around man-made cellulosic fibre sourcing.

She holds a master’s degree in business management from the Business School of Lausanne (Switzerland) and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Queen Mary, University of London (UK). Julia is passionate about forest-based climate solutions and the bio-economy. 

Learn more on Julia's LinkedIn account. 



Twilight Talks are supported by Ecomerchant.

19/02/2024 from 17:00 to 18:00
Online Training
United Kingdom
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