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About the Futureproof Essentials training course

This training package is an introductory suite of lessons to help you start to understand the Whole House Retrofit (WHR) approach. You'll learn all about the key issues of sustainable retrofit, making buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. Futureproof courses balance theory and practice to ensure you can use your knowledge straight away. And if you work on both retrofit and newbuild projects, you will find that much of the content of the lessons applies to both types of construction.

The online course comprises 10 one-hour video training sessions led by trainers from The Green Register’s expert team on the key topics within WHR. During the course, there are various opportunities to check your learning and you are encouraged to access the additional reference information provided to gain the maximum benefit from the training package and to expand your knowledge. 

A short assessment follows each lesson to help you get the most from your learning and when the course is successfully completed, you’ll be awarded a certificate. The course is expected to take around 10+ hours to complete and can be accessed through our e-learning platform to suit your schedule.

Who will benefit from Futureproof Essentials training?

Contractors and tradespeople new to sustainable construction, architects and other design professionals such as building surveyors, housing and maintenance teams, building control, planning officers and energy advisors will all benefit from attending this course.

Futureproof Essentials is a clear and concise introduction to all the key principles of sustainable construction – both retrofit and newbuild - and a great springboard for delving into the subjects you are interested in learning about in more detail.

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Entry requirements:

Although not essential, some construction knowledge is preferable.

What you’ll learn in Futureproof Essentials training

The course has been formulated especially for contractors and other construction practitioners as an introduction to Whole House Retrofit (WHR). In WHR, the building is considered a system of interrelated parts that work together. Sometimes negative outcomes can occur when single measures are installed in isolation. The WHR approach aims to minimise any unintended consequences in retrofit through an understanding of the impact of interconnected measures upon the existing building.  

Throughout the course, you’ll learn about all the key principles of of WHR:

  • why building sustainably matters for our future
  • standards and guidance available for assessing retrofit projects
  • specifying low impact building materials
  • minimising moisture movement in buildings
  • optimising the efficiency of building services
  • good practice solid wall insulation
  • efficient use of water
  • airtightness and ventilation strategies

All of the topics covered by Futureproof Essentials provide vital information for you and your team to apply directly to your own retrofit - and in many cases, newbuild - projects for more effective, higher performing buildings that are fit for the future.  

The ten lessons in the course are:

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Building with Lucy Pedler, The Green Register
  2. Introduction to Building Physics with Lucy Pedler, The Green Register
  3. Introduction to PAS2035 with Dr Peter Rickaby, Rickaby Thompson Associates
  4. Assessing Retrofit with Alan Pither, Alan Pither Ltd
  5. Lifecycle Analysis of Building Materials with Lucy Pedler, The Green Register
  6. External Wall Insulation with Ilias Igoumenidis, Ecological Building Systems
  7. Internal Wall Insulation with Ilias Igoumenidis, Ecological Building Systems
  8. Good Practice Ventilation with Peter King and Vince House, Aereco
  9. Integrating Building Services with Rob Edwardes, G.R Edwardes
  10. Sustainable Water Use in Retrofit with Cath Hassell, ech2o

What have learners said about the training?

"Great introduction to sustainable retrofit, would highly recommend to colleagues!"
"Excellent Course. Thoroughly enjoyed it."
"I found the course very informative and could be completed at a pace to suit your circumstances."
"The course was excellent. It was interesting and easy to follow. I will find the knowledge gained from the course very useful in my career."

Course fees

Futureproof Essentials costs £299 for the first learner. Add more learners from your organisation to receive discounts of up to 25%.  


Number of learners Price for first learner Discount for subsequent learners within same company Average price per learner
 1  £299  -  £299
 2-10  £299  20%  £239
 11-20  £299  25%  £224







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27/09/2023 00:00 to 30/09/2030 00:00
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Futureproof Essentials Training Package: for one learner £299.00
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