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Retrofit: How Much Insulation for Efficient and Affordable Heat Pumps?

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New training session about Step 1 of the AECB Retrofit Step-by-Step approach – how much fabric first retrofit is needed to support efficient and affordable heat pumps?

The AECB has long championed the ‘Fabric First’ approach to retrofit, so how does it now have an approach that essentially proposes minimal insulation and a Heat Pump? The AECB calls this a Step 1 retrofit, and it is part of their “Retrofit Step-by-Step” approach.

Come and hear speaker Tim Martel of the AECB explain why the AECB includes this method in the context of its other standards and how it is achieved. He will cover which aspects of the design ensure that the heat pump running cost is affordable and will go into some detail about the tools used. 

There will be some examples and plenty of time for questions. We expect a healthy debate!

More about the AECB's Retrofit Standards

The AECB’s two Retrofit Standards recognise the practical and financial challenges faced by ‘early adopter’ retrofitters in the absence of a working UK retrofit programme. They offer a pragmatic and flexible approach to retrofitting existing buildings.

The energy and non-energy benefits of a deeper retrofit may justify adopting the full Retrofit Standard for some projects, whereas Step-by-Step Retrofit may be more appropriate for other projects. Step 1 is the minimum first step within the Step-by-Step Retrofit standard, it is faster, has lower capital cost and does not lock out later works to take the building to a cost-effective full retrofit.

The Step 1 Retrofit Standard might also be called a ‘heat pump retrofit’ standard as it has been designed for a lighter fabric retrofit, effective ventilation and an electric heat pump. The full Retrofit allows retention of the existing heating system if required and is designed for a deeper fabric retrofit.

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About the trainers

Tim Martel, Programme Manager, AECB

Tim is the Programme Manager for the AECB Standards and Certification Scheme, an Expert Advisor for the AECB Retrofit course and also supports the PHribbon software. Originally an Architectural Technologist, Tim has also been a Passivhaus Designer since 2012. 

12/03/2024 from 11:00 to 13:00
Online Training
United Kingdom
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