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Building with Hemp for healthy and low embodied energy buildings – Online

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The seminar will provide an introduction and detailed explanation of the various ways to use hemp in construction of housing and bigger buildings. It will be illustrated with examples of hemp buildings from the UK, Ireland and around the world. Hempcrete or hemp lime, casting, spraying, blocks and offsite construction will be outlined as well as other hemp composite materials.

Different systems of construction using timber frame and other bio-composite materials for new build as well as how hemp and lime can be used in retrofit and finishes as well as cladding and attaching hemp to other materials. Sources of hemp and the right materials to use as well as different kinds of binders for hempcrete will be covered.

The best way to understand hempcrete is through hands on contact with the materials, but the methods of mixing and placing hempcrete will be covered. The advantages of hemp and hempcrete in terms of thermal performance, thermal mass, specific heat capacity, hygroscopic performance, humidity management (with data). Some indication of where exponents have done hemp buildings badly as a result of using the wrong materials and methods and following bad advice from the internet will be included

There will be discussion of how to handle approvals where elemental “u” values may appear to raise problems. Issues of certification and dealing with opposition and hostile propaganda against hemp to be included. There will be some feedback from a hemp challenge lab event at University of Suffolk and meetings about establishing European standards for hemp organised by the European Industrial Hemp Association as well as proposals for hemp building standards in the USA.

Tom will be coming to talk to us right after a major hemp event - the Hemp and Biobased Materials Challenge Lab at the University of Suffolk. He will be giving us his hot-off-the-press update on their exploration of accelerating hemp routes to market, barriers to delivery, and implications locally and nationally for hemp and bio-based materials in construction and retrofitting.


About the Speaker

Tom Woolley, B.Arch., PhD

Tom Woolley is an architect and environmental researcher living in County Down, Northern Ireland working for Rachel Bevan Architects. He is best known for his work on sustainability, building materials, health and indoor air quality.

He was Professor of Architecture at Queens University Belfast from 1991 to 2007 and is a visiting Professor at the Centre for Alternative Technology. He is Chair of the UK Clean Air Steering Committee and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Carbon Monoxide and the Ecological Design Association NI.

Tom Woolley has published widely on construction, planning, housing, green architecture and buildings and health. His latest book is Natural Building Techniques. He is a winner in the Unlock Net Zero Climate Champions Power List 2022.

Tom is a consultant to ECOS, the European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standards and represents them on a range EU sustainability standards working groups. He is a member of the Irish Hemp Co-operative where he is working on innovative manufacturing and construction methods using hemp and other bio-based materials and he regularly runs workshops at the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun.










31/05/2023 from 16:00 to 18:00
Online Training
United Kingdom
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