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The Green Register offers three types of training:

By attending any two days of training you become eligible to join The Green Register.
For more information on membership click here.

  • The two day Sustainable Building and Services course – by attending both days of this course you become eligible to join the Register. Please go to the Events section of our website for more information and to book your place.
  • One and half-day seminars and Bite Size training sessions – by attending any two full days of training, four half days, six Bite Size sessions or a combination of these you become eligible to join the Register. These events explore cutting edge issues of sustainable construction and are designed to concentrate on specific topics currently being debated within the construction industry. Please go to the Events section of our website for more information and to book your place.
  • CPD – The Green Register can offer customised in-house training, ranging from lunchtime CPDs and twilight sessions to half-day or full day seminars. See our CPD page for more information.

Sustainable Building & Services two-day course

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As well as boosting your knowledge about sustainable construction, our highly-commended two day Sustainable Building and Services (SBS) Course is one of our routes to membership.

Each prospective member must attend at least two days of Green Register training, either the two day SBS course or a combination of other events equivalent to two days of training. This could be two one-day seminars, four half-day seminars, six Bite Size sessions or any combination of these. This is to ensure that everyone on The Green Register has achieved the same competence level, although many of our members already have some understanding of sustainable construction issues prior to attending any training.

The SBS course is run over two consecutive days and covers the following subjects:

Day One – An Overview
A comprehensive look at all aspects of sustainable construction, from Relevant Sustainable Construction Legislation including the Green Deal, Sustainable Water Use in the UK through to Low Carbon Technologies, allowing you to take away a greater understanding of what works and what is just eco-bling.

Day Two – In-depth Sessions
The second day provides an ideal opportunity to learn about subjects that are relevant to your profession and skills, choosing four workshops at the advanced level covering a range of topics which may include the following:

  • Breathing Construction
  • Low Carbon Technologies in Depth
  • Delivering Sustainable Timber
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Solar Thermal Systems
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems and Alternative Sewage Systems

Please note topics can be subject to change.

The cost of the two day course is £250 per delegate to include lunch, refreshments and healthy debate on a wide range of topics including sustainable construction issues.

Once the course has been completed, attendees are eligible to join The Green Register – there is a small additional fee for annual membership which is easily recouped by enjoying the discounts offered to all members at all Green Register events. Here are some comments we have received about this course in the past:

"Great course! All speakers very knowledgeable and enthusiastic!"

"Straightforward advice and practical solutions"

"Destroyed a few myths – helped focus on items worth attention"

"Overall a great two days full of inspiration and ideas"

"Excellent background, well rounded - but not overly evangelical!"

"Great for networking"

"I would recommend the course... as I found it very helpful to be confronted with the reality of the industry"

"Thank you, excellent course!"

"Great course! All speakers very knowledgeable and enthusiastic!"

To find out more about membership, please click here.

If you would like to attend the Sustainable Building and Services course, please click here to view forthcoming course dates and locations.

Green Register one-day seminars, half-day events & Bite Size sessions

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Since its inception in 2000, The Green Register has gained a reputation for running high quality training events on a range of in-depth subjects relating to sustainable building practices.

Seminar topics have included, amongst others, Eco-refurbishment and The Green Deal, Masterclass for Dwellings: Compliance, Sustainability and Part L and It's all in the Detail: acheiving best practice detailing for eco-refurbishments.

Since 2011, The Green Register has been working in partnership with Pollard Thomas Edwards to present a series of Bite Size sessions. These 2-hour training sessions offer a new, flexible route to Green Register membership through a series of shorter training sessions designed to give concise training at a time to suit busy working professionals.

The Green Register has also worked in collaboration with various other organisations including GHA (Good Homes Alliance), ASBP (Alliance for Sustainable Building Products) and various RIBA regions to run half and full day conferences. More information can be found on the Events section of this website.

If you have a topic that you think The Green Register should cover or you would like The Green Register to present workshops directly to your organisation/firm, please get in touch by emailing us at:

CPD Sessions

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The Green Register has been offering in-house CPD sessions to professional for several years and has an excellent track record of delivery. Some examples of the type of CPD The Green Register has run are:

  • A half day session on Healthy Interiors for PRP architects and interior designers
  • 17 lunchtime sessions for Stride Treglown architects (Plymouth, Bristol and Manchester offices)
  • The full two-day Sustainable Building and Services course for Sidell Gibson architects
  • Several half-day and full-day sessions for RIBA regions all over the UK, including the entire RIBA North region, RIBA South and RIBA South West & Wessex

Testimonials from some of our in-house CPD sessions:

"Excellent. I’d like Lucy to give many more presentations on the whole range of sustainability work, across the whole practice."

"Lucy is brilliant, extremely personable, very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. She varied the pace and addressed people’s interests really well."

"Very clear and well-thought out. Good to have suggestions for the final part of the presentation, and to be able to influence what is discussed, though in the end we all chose to hear everything!"

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