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The Green Register are currently offering fully funded places on the Futureproof Essentials training package.

About the Futureproof Essentials training course

This training package is an introductory suite of lessons to help you start to understand the Whole House Retrofit (WHR) approach. You’ll learn all about the key issues of sustainable retrofit, making buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. Futureproof courses balance theory and practice to ensure you can use your knowledge straight away. And if you work on both retrofit and newbuild projects, you will find that much of the content of the lessons applies to both types of construction.

The online course comprises 10 one-hour video training sessions led by trainers from The Green Register’s expert team on the key topics within WHR. During the course, there are various opportunities to check your learning and you are encouraged to access the additional reference information provided to gain the maximum benefit from the training package and to expand your knowledge. 

A short assessment follows each lesson to help you get the most from your learning and when the course is successfully completed, you’ll be awarded a certificate. The course is expected to take around 10+ hours to complete and can be accessed through our e-learning platform to suit your schedule.

The Green Register is delighted to offer a number of fully funded places for construction professionals on our online Futureproof Essentials training course. We have collaborated with several local authorities, beneficiaries of the Community Renewal Funds, to provide this training on sustainable construction and the whole house approach to retrofit. The course will help you to improve your confidence when discussing retrofit with householders, understand materials and technologies used in retrofit and provide practical skills that you can take straight to your projects.