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South West England

Westwind Oak Buildings Ltd

Specialise in the design and construction of contemporary, traditional and eco green oak framed houses, commercial wooden buildings and extensions. Over 20 years experience in oak timber framing. Professional and friendly service. The design and construction of sustainable buildings is of major importance to Westwind Oak. Historically an oak frame will last for many hundreds of years, far exceeding the time taken to grow the trees used in its construction, making it brilliantly suited to such a sustainable application. The oak typically used for structural frames is green oak (oak used within a couple of years of the tree being felled). European oak has primarily been used for framing because it is a strong, durable timber containing its own natural preservative which protects against rot and insect attack. Green oak has a low embodied energy in comparison to most other building materials and all our timber comes from well managed woodlands where it is carefully selected. Our future need to continually reduce our CO2 emissions means that designing and building truly sustainable and environmentally friendly houses is now a necessity. Using sustainable materials in a “whole house design” approach is needed. Westwind Oak work with architects to produce designs which maximize solar gains from correct orientation, glazing positioning and insulation specification. With the introduction of increasingly stringent building regulations, together with the move towards zero carbon houses, such considerations are of vital importance. Westwind Oak are members of the Association for Environmentally Conscious Builders, founder members of The Forest of Avon Wood Products Co-operative, and also members of the Green Register of Construction Professionals and TRADA, all of whom are helping in the progression towards zero carbon living.