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North West London

van Heyningen and Haward Architects (vHH)

vHH Architects designs award-winning buildings and places for the public benefit, utilising the newest technology to deliver cost-effective schemes and a thoughtful and intelligent service to our clients. Founded in 1983 we are now a partnership based in Camden, London, and are owned and managed by two Partners - James McCosh and Meryl Townley - both of whom have worked at vHH for more than half their career. People are at the heart of everything we do; from the way we operate as a practice to the way in which we design buildings and places. Every project is led by one or more of the Partners, and the same team will see a project through from the early stages right through to the end. People are at the heart of everything we do; from the way we operate as a practice to the way in which we design buildings and places. We are convinced that good architecture can change lives for the better, but only if we have understood from the outset how a building will be used. We are committed to providing healthy and inspiring environments for everyone who uses our buildings, and so sustainable design is naturally a key driving force behind our designs. We are signatories of Architect’s Declare and recently held an internal sustainability summit in which we agreed ways to implement the necessary tangible changes which would have an impact on improving the environmental performance of our portfolio. When designing buildings, we focus on sustainable considerations from the outset. As well as employing rigorous standards of design and construction, through siting and orientation we also make maximum use of passive measures, natural light and natural ventilation in order to create delightful spaces as well as conserving energy use. We always tailor our projects’ approach to sustainability to suit both client aspirations and budget, and prioritise integrating these aspects into the design, rather than considering them an add-on. We provide normal architectural services (RIBA Plan of Work stages 0-7) within a wide range of sectors. All of the services we offer are covered by our quality management system and we endeavour to tailor our service to suit the needs of particular clients. These include: Architect/Designer Contract administrator Lead Consultant Lead Designer Principal Designer Our work ranges in size from £1M to £35m in various sectors, and for public and private bodies. Our client base is diverse and all our projects benefit from cross-fertilisation of ideas across all sectors. These include: - Education - Culture and Heritage - Community and Health - Retail - Regeneration - Commercial & Mixed use
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