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North West London

van Heyningen and Haward Architects (vHH)

vHH is a sustainable, design-led practice with people at the heart of everything we do; from the way we operate as a studio to the way in which we design buildings and places. We are interested in sustainability in a practical sense: questioning the brief, whether refurb or remodelling would suffice and committed to making new buildings minimise their impacts, sites adapt to climate change and client future-proof their investment. The way in which we design buildings is more a reflection of the way we work with people, rather than adhering to a ‘style’. Our priorities are people, places and purpose. We are convinced that quality architecture changes lives for the better, if we have understood from the outset how a building will be used. vHH take a holistic approach to design; we believe the development of any site is as much about the spaces between the buildings, as the buildings themselves. We aim to design useful places of very high quality and have won many awards over the years that demonstrate that we fulfil this aim. Designing pleasant, sustainable environments which address the climate crisis is of primary importance to us; we have delivered one Passivhaus school and are dedicated to the reuse and thermal upgrade of heritage buildings in conjunction with new build, for long term energy reduction.