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South West England
Project Management

Value Optimised Retrofit Ltd

VOR is an established practice delivering a sustainable socially conscious future as part of the global movement for change. It’s our belief that retrofit should benefit everyone. Effortlessly implementing the latest technological advancements and research within our work, a fresh breath of air carrying properties into a lower carbon society for decades to come. We are committed to achieving the best value for our customers that fulfil their individual requirements for the project. Constant communication guarantees practical and helpful advice given at each step of the way, gliding the customer throughout the process. Founded to create value, we believe in the value of improving the nation’s everyday lives not just property they live in. Retrofitting homes, especially social housing is helping combat fuel poverty that is plaguing families across the UK. We believe in having a positive social impact, improving health and wellbeing for those living within social housing. As well as overseeing bespoke low energy retrofit installations, here at VOR we are stepping forward to offer our services in developing a greener society for generations that will succeed. Conducting research projects and discovering new pioneering integrations of smart tech to support rapid decarbonisation and to pave the way for drastically enhancing the economic viability of retrofit.