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North London

Sandwood Design & Build Ltd

Sandwood Design and Build Ltd was formed in 1997 to deal specifically with design and build contracts. It has two subsidiaries; Sandwood Construction Ltd formed 1990, acting as a traditional contractor (excluding design) and Original Features (Restorations) Ltd which is a retail and wholesale business specialising in floor tiles. Sandwood is proud of its reputation as a main contractor dedicated to the construction of high quality developments. Established in 1990, the firm had a turnover of £10m in 2017 and has a directly employed workforce. Our projects range in size from £2m to £10m. We have delivered many low energy residential projects for our clients over the years, and have been at the forefront of promoting sustainable construction in the social housing sector. We were one of the first members of the Green Register. In our view it is more cost effective to ensure the building fabric is maximised to reduce fuel demand before renewables and other technologies are considered. It is imperative that local conditions are fully assessed to ensure that any renewables required are used efficiently, and avoid situations such as placing PV on a heavily shadowed roof. Sandwood recognizes the environmental impacts of its activities and is committed to minimizing this, having achieved ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation. Sandwood currently have formal partnerships with a number of Registered Social Landlords, and enjoy working with a portfolio of repeat clients. However, we always welcome the opportunity of working with new clients and taking on new challenges. We are a small/medium company for the size and type of contracts we undertake, which enables us to give greater senior management attention to each one. Of the four senior managers, two are generally allocated to each project at the outset and will see it through to the end – no marketing department at the beginning and no claims department at the end. Our business strategy is to work with a small number of repeat clients and this gives the company a clear client focusses and a non-adversarial partnering approach.
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