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South West England


Committed to building extraordinary homes, MAKE are a Chartered building contractor specialising in unique and premium residential projects for private clients. Experienced in creating and constructing exceptional building projects, MAKE are skilled in translating the architect’s building design and vision into a property that looks, feels and performs like a home that our clients would aspire to live in. We are lucky to be in the position to select projects to work on that are just as exciting to us as they are to you. Building a unique property should be an enjoyable process throughout and we take responsibility for generating long lasting relationships with the client and the professional team. Our strategy is straightforward; - Engage with a team of likeminded, creative and highly skilled professionals - Strive for simplicity in communication - Create an enjoyable environment to work in, with and for - Above all, be honest Sustainability Construction and sustainability may sound like an oxymoron, and there are times that it is. But there are instances when the two are integrated, they complement each other to create something extraordinary. Passive House buildings are designed to use vastly less energy than a conventional building without compromising on comfort or health. It’s well known that a Passive House can only be delivered through careful design and crucially, by thoughtful and careful construction by a properly skilled and motivated construction team. For us it is the norm.
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