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Greengauge Building Energy Consultants

Greengauge is a building services engineering consultancy specialising in sustainable, low energy design. We provide a suite of Building Physics analysis, Passivhaus Design, M&E Design delivered in 3-D using ArchiCAD software as well as Part L compliance and our own in-house airtightness testing capability. We are experienced in new build and refurbishments in both the domestic and non-domestic sectors. We believe in a holistic approach to design, championing a fabric first methodology to provide the most effective and economic way to achieve sustainable buildings. We are passionate about delivering sustainable buildings that satisfy the occupants’ comfort, with the controls most appropriate for them. We are completely independent of manufacturers, products and installers so can provide objective advice, backed up by a suite of software tools such as PHPP, TAS and IES. By optimising the insulation and fenestration, and designing for maximum air tightness and minimum thermal bridging, we aim to produce a shell into which simple, robust, minimal systems are added to ensure comfortable conditions can be maintained. Passivhaus Design - We provide a package of advice to architects and clients aspiring to the Passivhaus or Enerphit standard, including strategic advice, PHPP modelling, detailed design advice for both residential and non-residential projects. In addition, we are experienced in designing the associated important Passivhaus M&E systems such as MVHR systems, domestic hot water systems. We have specialist capability using WUFI and conducting Thermal Bridging PSI Value calculations. WUFI is a software tool for assessing the risks associated with moisture transport in building fabric. WUFI gives a far more complete picture of moisture transport risks. The current industry standard approach to moisture risks is to use the Glazer method, which is a steady-state calculation which only looks at the risk of interstitial condensation. This method does not give a full account of the risk associated with many constructions. WUFI analysis is especially necessary when retrofitting insulation externally or internally. We undertake PSI –Value (Thermal Bridging) calculations for use in SAP, PHPP, and development of detail design. Under SAP Part L1A, linear thermal bridging at junctions between building elements must be taken into account. Designers have three options: - Assuming a standard, punitive value - Use of a small number of prescriptive Accredited construction details - Calculation of Psi values for your junction and detail designs We have a separate company called Advanced Details that have generated an online database of calculated construction details on recently launched the Advanced Details website, and we can also generate bespoke details specific to your project or product. Please do get in contact on 01225 862605 or through our website to discuss any potential residential or non-residential projects.