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South East England

Felce & Guy Partnership LLP

Felce and Guy is based in Brighton and Hove and is a well established, professional and caring architects practice specialising in residential, educational and recreational building projects. With experience ranging from domestic alterations and extensions to large commercial buildings we are able to respond quickly and creatively to a wide range of design challenges. Felce & Guy Partnership have long recognised that the built environment, and the means by which it is procured, have a major impact on the world in which we, and future generations, must live and work. As a responsible architectural practice we encourage our employees, clients and fellow design team members to practice, design and build in a sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly manner which does not impinge on commercial, space planning or aesthetic requirements but rather enhances them and provides opportunities to provide well thought out and easily managed design solutions which will be beneficial to future generations. Environmental, sustainable and waste management strategies are not regarded as separate subjects but rather as part of an overall professional attitude to the implementation of a variety of measures which are initially assessed as options on a project specific basis. With this in mind Felce & Guy Partnership promote the positive benefits of sustainability in order that clients can make, with the support and advice of their design team, informed choices as to what will work best within the design parameters. Within our design work and built solutions, Felce and Guy Partnership aim to: • Promote awareness throughout the design team by initiating our policies at the first opportunity within the design process. Sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions should be to the fore at early feasibility stage. • Consider the incorporation of sustainable transport provision such as cycling and pedestrian links via public transport. • By research and assessment aim to use products which have a low embodied energy. • Wherever possible promote the use of locally sourced materials and labour. • Research the use of recycled materials such as timber or brick. • Avoid the use of products containing or derived from processes emitting CFC’s or HCFC’s. • Create an energy checklist for review against designs. • Use planting to assist in creating an ecologically friendly and sustainable environment. • Utilise the skills and expertise provided by various local or governmental organisations. As well as being on the Green Register, we are also a ISO 9001 registered firm, a RIBA Chartered Practice, and members of Constructionline & British Safety Council.