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EcoMerchant Ltd

Established in 1998, Ecomerchant has been supplying sustainable building materials, renewable energy products, landscaping and groundwork materials for coming up to twenty years. Our ambition is to help all our customers create healthier and more energy efficient buildings whether they are homes, schools or workplaces . Over the years we have developed a range of proven and successful solutions and products that we know offer improved energy performance and building efficiency, coupled with minimal impact on the environment. For all our products we consider the whole product supply chain from raw material production to end use. We constantly seek out products with the lowest possible environmental impact and minimal effect on human health; issues such as reducing the potential to pollute, building health, durability and indoor air quality are really important to us. Key to any design is durability, carbon reduction, cost and quality. Ecomerchant has developed solutions with combinations of products which give best performance with least impact on our planet at the most affordable rates; our comprehensive website has hundreds of products for all applications from in ground to roofing and everything in between. We promote a fabric first approach to building, looking to reduce the operational energy required; the more efficient the building is the more the importance of material choice increases as it becomes the main source of embodied energy or potential to pollute. All our products are chosen for their ability to eliminate, reduce or significantly improve environmental performance whilst targeting the fabric first approach. Our web site contains a wealth of information both general and technical to help you decide what is best for you; conveniently most products are available to buy online. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be happy price your enquiry, answer technical questions, take orders or provide quotations. Our product ranges at a glance: • PERFORMANCE WINDOWS AND DOORS (Including Passiv Certified) – Casement (outward and inward opening) -Tilt and Turn- Top/Side Hung –Sliding Sash-Entrance Doors - Sliding Doors – Bi-Fold Doors - Roof Lights- Sun Pipes. Huge Range- Quick Quote Turnaround - Full Design And Fitting Service • INSULATION - ACOUSTIC AND THERMAL - Wood Fibre – Cellulose - Wool – Hemp –– Rigid Boards – Flexible Batts and Rolls - External Wall Insulation – Internal Wall Insulation – Insulating Render. • AIRTIGHTNESS – Membranes – Tapes – Accessories – Spray and Paint Airtightness Systems • BUILDING PRODUCTS – Blocks Bricks and Ancillaries – Insulated Sub Floor - Building Systems- Lime Plasters, Mortars and Paints– Clay Plasters- Roofing Materials –Sarking and Sheathing Boards- Sheet Materials – Breathable Boards – Racking Boards – Render and Plaster Carrying Boards- Natural Paints, Treatments and Finishes-Flooring. • DRAINAGE AND WATER – Guttering /Steel/Cast Iron/Aluminium/ Copper–Rain Water Harvesting – Off Grid Sewage Systems – Stormwater Management – Process and Storage Tanks. • LANDSCAPING – Grass Reinforcement- Biodegradable Matting – Geotechnical Membranes – Weed /Root Barriers – Gabions – Ground Stabilisation Systems -SUDS. • MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING – Cleaning and Disinfecting - Paints and Finishes – Timber Preservatives – Septic Tank Treatments - Degreasing Systems • RENEWABLES – Biomass – Solar PV and Thermal- Insulated Distribution Pipe – Thermal Stores 01793 847 444