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South West England

CaSA Architects Ltd

We are CaSA, an architectural practice specialising in homes and community buildings. Our name embodies our approach: we create Contemporary and Sustainable Architecture (CaSA). Based in the Georgian city of Bath, many of our projects naturally involve listed buildings and working in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our sensitivity to site and context, combined with our environmental philosophy and care for our clients, results in beautiful, sustainable and transformative buildings. This approach has led to designing projects across the UK, in all scales of building: from house extensions and new homes to schools and community buildings. Creating places that belong, places that people respond to, places that people want to keep, is a big part of designing and building sustainably. A truly sustainable architecture is one that endures independently of changing time and fashion. We approach sustainable design holistically at the start of the process and weave it through all aspects of the design; from the best placement of a building on a site, through to the technicalities of the type of heating system used. This attention to detail enables us to deliver buildings that are warm, well-ventilated, flooded with natural light and incredibly efficient to run; in short, delightful spaces to be in. The core architectural services we offer divide into four categories: Concept; Planning; Detailed Drawings; Contract Administration. We are happy to collaborate with you at every stage of the process or during just a section of this process. Our flexible approach means you can tailor the service to suit your budget. We also offer a range of expert services such as NPPF 55 Homes, Passivhaus Design and Interior Design.