OCN Level 5 Diploma in Domestic Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management - Blended Online Bootcamp

Get ready for PAS2035 with Retrofit Coordinator training, including Retrofit Coordinator Bootcamp hosted by The Retrofit Academy - delivered virtually

The Green Register is pleased to be working with The Retrofit Academy as a 'bootcamp partner' for their 2-day Retrofit Coordinator Bootcamp training, which sits alongside The OCN Level 5 Diploma in Domestic Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management.

Upcoming Online Bootcamp dates
24-25 June 2021 (NOW FULL)
12-13 August 2021
26-27 August 2021
Plus more dates coming soon!

Learners will spend time in the company of peers and expert tutors - linked virtually via Zoom platform - as The Retrofit Academy put you through your paces in domestic retrofit. This intensive course will introduce you to all the key concepts and theories that underpin the practice of the Retrofit Coordinator. The course is for you if you are working towards achieving your Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management or simply want to learn the basics of a successful retrofit.


With support from the CITB and industry, The Retrofit Academy has developed a new nationally-accredited, modular qualification. It provides the retrofit industry and its clients with the skills and knowledge required to deliver projects that are:

  • compliant with the new PAS2035 and PAS2030 Standards
  • high-quality and high-performance
  • appropriate solutions to a particular property

The Level 5 Diploma in Domestic Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management is awarded by the Open College Network West Midlands, an OFQUAL-regulated Awarding Body. The courses were authored by the Academy’s tutors, based upon a qualification specification developed by Peter Rickaby, the Technical Author of the PAS 2035 Standard. 

The Level 5 Diploma - Course Content
The qualification features 12 modules which together cover all the key aspects of domestic refurbishment:

  • 1.1. Introduction to Domestic Retrofit
  • 1.2. Retrofit Quality Assurance and Risk Management
  • 2.1. Building Physics – Thermal Efficiency
  • 2.2. Building Physics – Managing Moisture Risk
  • 3.1. Assessing Dwellings for Retrofit
  • 3.2. Improvement Option Evaluation and Medium-term Retrofit Plans
  • 4.1. Improving the Building Fabric – Floors and Roofs
  • 4.2. Improving the Building Fabric – Walls and Windows
  • 5.0. Improving Air-Tightness and Ventilation
  • 6.1. Improving the Building Services – Heating, Hot Water, Lighting and Power
  • 6.2. Improving the Building Services – Renewable Energy Systems
  • 7.0. Post Retrofit Testing, Monitoring and Evaluation

Each module features in-depth, multi-media presentations including a range of videos. These include:

  • Expert Guides – our tutors present the key theories
  • Ask Alex – a no-nonsense guide and jargon buster
  • Retrofit Realities – Russell Smith from Retrofit Works explains how Retrofit Coordinators work in practice

The Level 5 Diploma - Methods of Study
Find a way of studying to suit you, no matter how busy your schedule or where you are located:


  • 100% online learning and assessment
  • Study at Your Own Pace
  • Online Mentor

Blended Online Boot Camp

  • Intensive 2-day Boot Camp
  • Remainder by eLearning
  • Online assessment
  • Online Mentor

More about the Retrofit Coordinator Bootcamp

Although optional, most learners working towards their Level 5 Diploma choose to supplement their eLearning by attending one of the intensive two-day Retrofit Coordinator Bootcamps. They find that learning from tutors and peers provides vital context. They also benefit from networking.

Some clients even ask for delivery of the Bootcamps in-house to help them gear up their teams for PAS2035.

The Retrofit Coordinator Bootcamp - Course Content

8 million homes in the UK have solid walls, and using EWI and IWI has been problematic in terms of defect rates and unintended consequences. This unit outlines:

  • Best practice in upgrading the building envelope.
  • How to understand a building based on a thorough survey and the wider context. How to prescribe the right solutions for that particular property.
  • How to monitor and evaluate projects is central to avoiding future failures. How to deliver a regime that complies with the new PAS 2035 requirements.
  • Locally generated Renewable energy is the third plank of the whole house approach. How to invest in the right system at the right time, and when to avoid.
  • Upgrading services is critical to an effective strategy. How to avoid expensive mistakes and reduce the performance gaps that are left behind.
  • Delivering an airtight building envelope is central to PAS 2035, but without effective ventilation, this can have disastrous unintended consequences.
  • The key principles of the fabric first strategy, how it should be delivered and how to avoid the common pitfalls encountered when treating floors and roof spaces.
  • PAS 2035 recognises that most ‘deep’ retrofit will be delivered in stages over a long period of time. How to select the right options and develop a medium-term upgrade plan for that property
  • How to manage the risks associated with moisture in retrofit projects, such as condensation, damp and mould.
  • How heat is transferred in buildings. How it can be lost through poor practice and how this can be avoided.
  • How PAS2035 will underpin quality and protect customers. How Retrofit Coordinators put this into practice.
  • Understanding energy use in buildings and the drivers for retrofit. The concepts that underpin the PAS 2035 methodology.

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To book a place, please visit the Retrofit Academy websites usnig this link and complete the booking form.


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August 26th, 2021 9:00 AM through August 27th, 2021 5:00 PM
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