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Bite-Size Session: The Future of Windows – a sustainable approach to acoustic design – London

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Find out how to take a green, forward thinking approach to all aspects of building acoustics including window design.

When the Romans invented the glass window, they couldn’t have anticipated the environmental context and settings years later: Windows continue to let in light ages on, however undesirable levels of air and sound also intrude.

In this bite size session, Ze Nunes, founder of MACH Acoustics, will present some lessons learned from lecturing & studying at the University of Bath (MSc in Sustainable Architecture and Phd “In the Visualization of Sound”). Ze has recently published two hugely significant books 'Sustainable Acoustics' and 'The Future of Windows'. Signed copies of both books will be available subject to printing dates being achieved.

MACH Acoustics recognises the importance of noise control through window design. Where simple traditional design limits the use of open windows, MACH have now developed a range of unique software tools to help overcome noise break-in in residential buildings, offices and schools to prove that open windows can be used in noisier environments than previously thought.

Ze will demonstrate how to take a green, forward thinking approach to all aspects of building acoustics including window design. Best practice, the latest data, as well as useful ‘sustainable rules of thumb‘ are included in this presentation as well as an introduction into MACH Acoustics’ Web Based Design Tools, showing how best to position a building on site, how to minimise levels of embodied energy and select partitions between rooms. 

Other topics covered include:

  • The importance and ease of Noise Mapping
  • How best to select and design vented facades
  • Overcoming the clashes between acoustics, cross ventilation and heat recovery Performance standards
  • Embodied energy and sound insulation
  • Sustainable ways to control reverberation 

About the speaker

Ze Nunes is the founding Director of MACH Acoustics; an inspirational leader, passionate about the role of acoustics in improving the built environment and committed to sustainability as a fundamental principle of good design. Ze founded MACH Acoustics in 2003, the fastest growing acoustic consultancy in the UK in the South West. His extensive successful project management skills complement his specialist acoustic expertise, a combination that has seen MACH Acoustics win countless jobs with the nation’s largest contractors and most celebrated architects - spanning all sectors of the built environment (schools, auditoriums, offices, residential, hospitals).

When he’s not on site, reviewing designs or grinding out paperwork, Ze finds the time to lecture on the MSc in Environmental Design and Facade Engineering courses at Bath University, delivers CPD events, and write books and papers. He spearheads MACH Acoustics’s investment in R&D, an enlightened philosophy that led to the invention of the NAT Vent Attenuator and his funding a Knowledge Transfer Partnership to research noise in natural ventilation. His latest studies at Bath University for his PhD have achieved publication of his most recent book “The Future of Windows”.

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More about Bite Size sessions

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13/10/2016 from 17:00 to 19:00
Pollard Thomas Edwards
Diespeker Wharf
38 Graham Street
London, N1 8JX
United Kingdom
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