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We need a smarter way to use rainwater

Cath Hassell | ech2o consultants

As rumours swirl around about the demise of the Code for Sustainable Homes, surely now is the time for the Government to take a step back from its ill-advised insistence on forcing rainwater harvesting systems into new dwellings and instead start to incentivise the decoupling of rainwater downpipes from existing buildings.

Part L updates – bringing more CO2 emissions to a building near you?

Rob Burroso

As the next set of “improvements” to Part L of the Building Regulations gets nearer, some of the counter-productivities that the current rules throw up will, to my mind, move from being ‘just a little strange’ to cynics like me, to become serious problems.

Huffing and puffing

Lucy Pedler | Director of the Green Register | The Green Register

Last month one of our dear, long time Green Register and Steering Group members, Jim Allen, kindly wrote us a blog about the breathing wall concept and expressed his concerns about this method of construction, some of which I will try and address here.


Jim Allen

… every move you make,” is an unforgettable lyric from a Police classic; these days it makes me uneasy whenever I hear it given its darker overtones. I feel the same way whenever people talk about breathing walls. If there is one subject gives rise to confusion and mixed messages its moisture and vapour movement through walls. I’ve been fortunate to attend several CPD sessions touching on the subject, including one excellent day presented by Green Register.

The risks and rewards of eco-refurbishment.

Lucy Pedler | Director of The Green Register | The Green Register

Since June 2010 we’ve been running our ‘Eco-refurbishment and The Green Deal’ seminar where ‘warts and all’ presentations of residential case studies give delegates in-depth information on how to retrofit their buildings in a sustainable, low carbon way. But one of the frequently asked questions raised in these seminars is ‘what are the risks of interstitial condensation when applying insulation to an existing building?’


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