About The Green Register

Why we help people create better buildings

The Green Register trains construction professionals from all disciplines of the industry to build better, more sustainable buildings. Whether you are interested in a new home for you or a client, workplaces, cinemas, stadiums or any other types of building, by sharing our passions and knowledge of energy, health and wellbeing, land use, materials, pollution, transport, waste and water we can support you to reduce your building's impact on the environment.
We cover all aspects of sustainable building practices from healthy buildings, passivhaus and retrofitting older buildings through to highly technical training sessions on the holistic management of heat, moisture and air tightness. This last point is essential to get right if we are to reduce the performance gap so commonly found in buildings and is represented in the graphic below.
Though we are based in Bristol, which has developed its green credentials across numerous sectors, our courses take place across Britain.  We are independent, self-funded and not-for-profit and grateful for the support of our members, partners, steering group, delegates, clients and venues to support the bettering of the construction industry.

What are you looking to build better?

The Green Register began in 2000 through founder Lucy Pedler’s architectural practice. Archipeleco recognised the need for a network of knowledgeable and like-minded construction professionals across the borough of Southwark, London and The Green Register was born.
Responding to growing demands from commercial clients, homeowners, self-builders and professionals to build more sustainably, The Green Register rapidly expanded from a list of local architects and engineers to become the nationwide network of construction professionals it is today.
The collective experience and commitment of our trainers, membership and delegates puts us in a significant position to engage with a range of professional and bodies across the industry who recognise the valuable role our unbiased and robust training provides.

What we have done

Since 2000 The Green Register has run over 500 events with more than 3,000 different people attending the training. Last year (2017) we ran our own courses in Bristol, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Frome, Birmingham, Canterbury and Bath and separately delivered CPD training in fourteen different towns and cities.
The topics covered included: whole day events looking at Moisture and Breathability, Renewable Energy, Air Tightness and Ventilation and Retrofitting Traditional Buildings; site visits to Passivhauses, WELL certified buildings and the Park Hill Housing Estate; shorter and Bite-size sessions on Part L, Biodiversity Design, SuDs and New Houses in the Countryside; and  the UK’s only WUFI (Heat and moisture simulation) training workshops.
To help bring the construction industry forward, we fully recognise the need to collaborate with others and to deliver shared aims have worked with many organisations including: RIBA, ASBP, STBA, FMB and CSE.

How we can help 

We want this website to help you to create better buildings – Whether you are looking for training for yourself or individuals or your company wanting to gain the benefits of joining us or looking for a professional to help with your project we believe we can support you.

Thanks for your interest in The Green Register