Zoom - TGR Live-streamed Training Events

Many of our events are now interactive live-streamed training events, which are delivered using Zoom software.
The following is a guide to using Zoom for TGR events.
  • You will be sent an event specific link to access your booked event. 
  • Only those who have registered and paid in advance will receive the link.  Please do not share the link with others.  Anyone joining the event who has not registered or paid will be politely removed from the event.
Software / Hardware
  • Zoom will work with any internet enabled device.  However we advise viewing on a larger device (PC, laptop or tablet) to be able to view the shared content in full.
  • You are able to download the Zoom app for your PC or device here. https://zoom.us/  The app is the best way to view, however it is not neccesary. 
  • If not using the App, Zoom should work with any web browser, however Chrome and Firefox are recommended.
Please ensure you have:
  • A good internet connection.  A wired internet connection is preferable to Wifi, to maintain a solid signal.
  • A quiet location where you will be able to hear the audio. Headphones are recommended for busy environments
  • PC/mac/laptop with audio capabilities/microphone plus keyboard to type questions.
Joining the event - Timeline:
  • Please join the event from 15 minutes ahead of the advertised start time. This is to ensure you have the correct details and are able to check your audio etc.  Should you be a frequent user, you may not need the full time.
  • On joining, you will enter a waiting room which has the event title, so you can see you are in the right place.  Once you are here, please leave the Zoom connection open and do not leave the waiting room.  During this short time, its fine to do other work on your PC, or leave running as you go fetch a drink etc.
  • 2 minutes before the advertised start time, you will be admitted into the event.  In the 2 minutes after you have been admitted, there will be screen and audio content rolling, so you can check you are able to see and hear.  This also allows a short pause period that ensures everyone has time to arrive and succsesfully connect.
  • Events will start at the advertised start time.  Should you arrive after you will be admitted but may miss the opening content.
At the event
  • Please join with your microphone and video on – it allows us to meet one another!  Please also ensure that your name is visible in your video thumbnail.
  • Please then mute your microphone at all times, until you wish to ask a question.
  • Like a face-to-face event, we may build in a break for a few minutes. The speaker will let you know when this is coming up and what time the training will resume.
  • Some events may use breakout rooms for small group activities or discussion.  When you are in a breakout room, please turn on your camera and microphone.
  • Questions.  Please write questions into the Chat function rather than verbally interupt.  There may also be an opportunity for verbal questions, when invited by the speakers.
  • For any technical assistance, please write your issue in the chat function.
After the event
  • We’ll be sending you a short feedback form after the event. Interactive online training new to us, so we really need your input to help to get the best from delivering our training events this way. Thank you for providing valuable feedback – it will help us to refine future events to best meet your needs
  • You will be sent the presentations and chat transcript for your records. 
  • Events will not be recorded or released after the event.  Events will be viewable at the time of broadcast only.

GDPR / Consent

  • Events may be recorded for internal and / or external purposes.
  • By booking an event you agree for the Zoom recording, which may include video and/or audio of your input, to be used by TGR for internal and / or external purposes including sharing to delegates and sharing on our website and YouTube channel.

FAQ's: I can't make the event time, can I view the event video after?

  • ... is a popular and fair question. But the short answer is no. And here's why:
  • The Green Register pride ourselves on offering high quality interactive, live, real time training. Attendees have live and direct access to the best speakers and experts in their field through our interactive training events.
  • Our live online events are not pre-recorded webinars, or one way presentations.
  • If people are given the option to view at a time that suits them best, they will. This will in turn mean the amount of live viewers will be minimal, diminishing the interactivity of a live event. This turns a high quality interactive training event into a one way web broadcast. We believe this will greatly devalue the quality of training, which we are not prepared to do.
  • There are many static training videos and webinars on-line. We even offer some ourselves, see here for details. These are, however, very different training products to what we offer with our live online training events.

We look forward to seeing you on an event soon.