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Full House at New Accredited Eco-Refurbishment Course

Posted on July 23rd, 2009

The Green Register held its new Accredited Eco-refurbishment seminar in Bristol on 24th June with a satisfyingly full house. We had three things in mind when creating this course - architects workload slowing down, people not being able to afford to move (and so needling to refurbish/expand their current abode) and the demand for advice on refurbishing houses using eco-principles and hey presto the course was born.

There were so many aspects of eco-refurbishment we wanted to explore on the day that we ended up having 9 speakers and they did a fine job of covering all the main issues. We started off with Forum for the Future describing their Refit West programme, followed by Arup...


Thrifty Dave, Darling Alistair & the G20

Posted on February 23rd, 2009

It pains me to say this and even more to write it down but ‘Thrifty Dave’ (aka David Cameron) is correct in that the way forward through the economic gloom is to become more thrifty, although quite how the Tories intend to achieve this is not clear, least of all to themselves. We cannot ‘grow our way out of a recession’ as darling Alistair stated last week in the Budget report and at the G20 meeting held in London a few weeks ago our great leaders went even further by closing their eyes and throwing inconceivable amounts of money at the problem, perhaps hoping that the sheer number of bank notes would patch up the gaping hole in the economy.

I do not for one minute claim to be any...

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