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The Green Register has created a new resource showcasing Case Studies of sustainable builds and refurbs, giving our loyal members the chance to share details of their work.

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Demolition of an existing cottage within an old walled garden, to make way for a new, highly insulated, timber-framed family home with an... read more
Published 15 Apr 2014


“We would like to thank you for two of the most thought provoking and practical seminar days from a professional practice viewpoint that we can remember. It really was refreshing to hear views in impartial terms that were directly applied to realistic scenarios and current debates, including cost effectiveness which sadly the motivation for most people’s adoption or rejection of sustainable concepts. We look forward to attending future events.”

Peter Wood, Director, Angus Meek Architects

“The Green Register serves a vital purpose in alerting us all in the construction industry to the urgency of addressing climate change through practical example.”

George Ferguson, CBE, PPRIBA, Mayor of Bristol

“The Green Register provides an essential service to the construction industry with its dedicated approach to the promotion of sustainable construction practices across the UK. RIBA South West recommends the activities provided by TGR for large or small projects.”

Jon Watkins, Head of RIBA South West

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